Military Pin-ups... WOW!

Last Saturday was the super popular and much anticipated Military Pin-up session! And Oh My did we have the most amazing day! Words cannot describe how gorgeous these lovely ladies were and trust me they were literally traffic stopping.... even the Japanese Police came by to take a look! 

I have so many wonderful photographs I have decided to post a different pin-up model every few days, showcasing their unique beauty and style! Today I am featuring the super gorgeous and undeniably 1940's look alike Erika! I went for a classic postcard style with washed out colors and black & whites for that dated look. I think Erika pulled it off to the extreme! What do you think....... leave me a comment below and tune in for the more featured pin-ups later in the week! :)  

And YES I am offering more of these sessions very soon and I already have a waiting list so please drop me a line at to reserve you place! Thanks... Danielle


Beautiful Baby Twins - New Year's Day Shoot!! 

New Year's day for me was extra special this year as I got to meet and shoot the cutest kids in town!! Maddelyn and Maddyson are beautiful three month old twin girls from the McElhenny Family!! Jessyca their wonderful and relaxed Mummy and I had a blast but we did have our work cut out for us running around after these adorable little cuddle monsters! I don't know how she does it every day with an 18 month old as well! 

Babies for some reason always stay wide awake with me... not too sure why but surprise, surprise they didn't sleep the entire three hour shoot and that was after no morning nap time!! Luckily they have the most amazing temperament and love cuddling up together, of course it was great to get lots of 'open eyed' shots...... as you can see they have the cutest little peepers!! I just hope after all our hard work these baby girls gave Mummy and Daddy a full night's sleep at least!! Thanks for a super cute and fun shoot Jessyca... here are just a few of my favorites! Can't wait to shoot them again outside once they are sitting up... Oh the possibilities!!




An Amazing Christmas in England....

Yes, I am now back in Iwakuni!! After a crazy long flight, bus, flight, bus, train, car ride we are back home! I wanted to share a few photos from the days we spent at my sister Lou's house in the snow in Chesham, Buckinghamshire. We spent a wonderful and very English Christmas with all my family and Maricela received her very own sock of presents from Santa which was a first for her! It was a magical time for her at this age and so cute to watch!

We also went out for lots of fun walks around my sister's house and even went sledging with all the kids!! We had such a wonderful time it was very, very hard saying goodbye. It is not often I get to go home so we shall miss everyone so much and especially Maricela who loved playing or should I say chasing and smacking Katie and Alex!! They were such good sports about it too! We miss you all and can't wait for you to visit us in Japan! xxxx

Welcome to snowy Chesham... home of the Loveday Family! 

My sister Lou enjoying a walk in the snow with Lala!

Holly, snow and some magical berries!! :) 

My beautiful niece and favorite girl in the world Katie.... 

This is Alex my super cute and fun nephew.... 

Katie enjoyed hanging back with me to get a few photos in the snow as she is also a budding photographer... she made a super pretty model too!! 

Katie and Alex having fun sledging and of course snowball fighting!! :)

Katie passes some pretty snow covered grass on the way back from a long hike to the woods where Katie's tree house is.

Hanging out in lots of snow covered holly bushes under the sun! 

Alex is a budding actor and singer... he needed some portrait photos so we headed out to this wooden barn door near the house! 

Alex looking super cool in his cute furry hooded jacket! He had the right idea with all this super cold weather!

Katie standing by their very English postbox after a long morning of sledging! 


The Super Davis Family! 

Jamie's beautiful family were the third family in our mini sessions and I was in for a real treat! I have worked with her beautiful children Savannah and Caleb for sports shoots so I know how adorable they are! They have also worked as model's in the states so they LOVE the camera and are such naturals! I know I am going to be shooting these two a whole bunch of times over the next few years! Savannah has the look and style of a supermodel to be, I just adore her gorgeous eyes! We were a little rushed for time but I loved what I did manage to shoot and I know I will be seeing them both again this weekend for more sports and cheerleading photos!! Can't wait to get them in front of my camera again... thanks so much Jamie, you guys were the best! 


The Beautiful Brittain Family!

The second family in our Miyajima session were the super cool Brittain Family! Carrie is my wonderful neighbor and friend so it was great fun getting to shoot them as a family! Of course the famous and attention grabbing Bob came along too!! The Japanese go wild for this furry monster, I have never seen anything like it... they had crowds and crowds of people around him after the shoot!! Mattie was his super cute and adventurous self during the shoot, he is super advanced for his age and was off in a shot we weren't sure if we managed to get one photo of him!! Of course I ended up with lots of cute natural ones which shows Mattie's big brown eyes and huge personality perfectly! Thanks guys for a super fun shoot!!