The Wonderful Ray Family

How much fun were the Ray Family?!! We had a blast! They were the first of six mini family sessions I held this past Sunday on the beautiful island of Miyajima! It is a 40 minute drive from Iwakuni and then a short 20 minute ferry ride to this gorgeous island! I decided on the Red Bridge for the location as it is so pretty in the autumn colors and also peaceful along the pretty river... and more to the point not too many tourists!

The Ray Family were soooo much fun and just a wonderful family to spend time with! Kandy your kids are so well behaved and polite, I was blown away! The twins Bryant and Bre'Onna are so easy and fun to work with, I think they would both make excellent professional models so I am sure we are going to be seeing lots of these two in the future... both are simply stunning and so photogenic! I had a blast with the adorable younger two Rosie and Michael, they both loved checking out the dear which kept creeping by and getting into our photos! 

Thank you so much guys, it was so much fun... I know I am going to be working with you all again in the near future! Keep being the coolest family around!! 


The Super Fun Lang Family!

Jessica and her beautiful family enjoyed a Family Fun Session in the beautiful autumn gardens of the Kintai Bridge area this past Sunday. The beautiful orange and red trees were a perfect backdrop for this super fun afternoon shoot! The girls were both so sweet and so polite! I worked with each of them on their own and they both loved trying different poses especially lying in all the colorful leaves, there were just so many wonderful photos to choose from! Mum and Dad were also super cute together and even managed to sneak in some romance time! I just love the last photos of them together.... I found out afterwards they were talking about what they were having for dinner that night! Lol... bless them, so cute! Thank you for a wonderful shoot guys... so much fun to spend an afternoon with you all! 


The Beautiful Jones Family!

The third Family Mini Session on Saturday was the wonderful Jones family! Heather's two boys Xavier and Bricen just LOVED the camera soooo much!! Xavier has so many different poses and faces that I think one day he will be an actor! Bricen was the easiest little boy ever, he smiled for every photo and we didn't have one tear! Wonderful and beautiful family, their love shines through... I just love the one of Heather and Brian looking into each other's eyes... this what it is all about! :) Thanks so much Heather for a superb and fun shoot!


Iwakuni Cheerleaders!

I had the pleasure of being asked to photograph the adorable Iwakuni Cheerleaders! They were the most adorable and well behaved girls ever.... so cute and easy to work with! Their teacher, Jessica was just amazing at getting them all in cute poses and helping me sort through all the details! Thank you so much girls, it was so much fun and I know in the future my little girl will be wearing one of these cute uniforms!! I can't wait!!

Here are just a few of the adorable cheerleaders....



When I grow up.....

Today I had so much fun shooting a super cute session on base, boys in uniform!! All three boys had a blast putting on their Daddy's boots and other military wear and I know their Daddy is going to just love seeing his little boys so proud in their Marine uniforms... just like Dad! Thanks boys for being such good sports..... your hard work in the rain paid off!