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Antwerpen, Belgium

Antwerpen is a hidden gem of day trips only an hour and a half away! I highly recommend driving there and then jumping onto your bikes to see all the sites, sounds and tastes this Flemish city has to offer. It has medieval streets, Renaissance monuments, bustling coffee shops, stylish shops, it is THE center of the diamond trade and has the world's fifth-largest port.

We arrived in the rain but pushed on through on the bikes and enjoyed a pleasant and sunny day, great food, chocolate & of course yummy waffles with lashings of warm Belgium chocolate!

Daddy & Maricela setting off on their bike & piccolo with Aurora.

What a great idea... with a side of Belgium chocolate too please!

Biking into the beautiful Handschoen Market Square.

Antwerp's "Great Market" square is a popular attraction in the heart of the old city.

The kids taking a bike break!

One of the boat yards were we stopped for our picnic lunch...

The tower of Cathedral of Our Lady and another local church in the heart of the city.

Biking past the bustling cafes & boutiques down one of the many side streets.

Passing the National Bank biking along the tram lines.

Bustling cross walks at the edge of the shopping district.

I loved seeing all the old fasioned trams, it was like stepping back in time.

Seba and I biking around after a rain shower!

The impressive and majestic Cathedral of our Lady towering over the medieval part of the town.

The many flags flying on the townhall in the Grote Markt.

Flemish architecture in the Grote Markt.

The main square bustling with tourists and locals enjoy one of the many one of many outdoor "terrasjes".

Everyone is smile... why? Because we are about to eat Belgium waffles with fresh whipped cream and hot drippings of local chocolate! YUM... a perfect end to a great day out!

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