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The Long Way Up - Part 1

My husband had the crazy but fun idea of driving the VW Campervan from our home in the Netherlands to our new property in Spain and back again! The kids and I just joined the hubby for the way back part as we flew to Portugal for a few days and enjoyed some much needed beach time! Here are the places we stopped off at during the Spain portion of our "The Long Way Up"!

The road map of our long five day driving route through Spain, France, Belgium and finally the Netherlands.

Our first stop was driving into the heart of the beautiful city of Caceres where the walled old town contain the medieval part of the city which showed absolutely no signs of modernity. The origins of Cáceres date back to prehistoric times, around 25,000 BC. Beautifully preserved buildings, churches and castle remains from the medieval times, the Roman occupation, Moorish occupation and the Golden age of Jewish culture in Spain. The old town (Ciudad Monumental) still has its ancient walls; this part of town is also well known for its multitude of storks' nests which Maricela loved pointing out to us.

Maricela and Daddy walking through the old cobbled streets of Caceres.

Maricela and Seba taking a break from lots of walking!

Maricela was so excited to see her family name written everywhere!

Walking along the many beautiful back streets of the old town.

Making our way back to the campervan to head to the campsite for the first night.

Our next stop on day two was the ancient University town of Salamanca (one of the oldest Universities in Europe). The stunning city's historic centre has impressive Romanesque, Gothic, Moorish, Renaissance and Baroque monuments. The Cathedral towers over the city and the Plaza Mayor, with its galleries and arcades, is wonderfully impressive!

Seba happy to set off on day two of our road trip adventures...

Driving towards to gorgeous city of Salamanca.

The impressive Plaza Mayor, unfortunately they were just setting up for an event so I only managed to capture a small part of this gorgeous plaza.

The stunning 16th Century Salamanca Cathedral.

On day three we drove on to the small and cozy costal city of San Sebastián in northern Basque country. San Sebastián boasts one of the best in-city beaches in Europe, you can literally sunbathe, swim and even surf right next to major historical buildings and churches. Renowned for its Basque cuisine it boasts two of the world's top ten restaurant and the city has the most Michelin stars per square foot. We all sampled and loved the delicious cooking highlights of the city, tasty snacks similar to tapas called pintxos, in the Old Quarter.

The town hall on the edge of the promenade.

La Concha Beach, on the edge of the historic old town.

Sebastián enjoying San Sebastián!

Many famous pintxos bars along the back streets of the old town.

Seba choosing his pintxos... delicious!

Maricela and Seba enjoying the sites and attractions..

Saying farewell to this beautiful city as the sun went down... and onto our next part of the trip through France!

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