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Are you looking to capture you at your most natural, intimate self? Your body should be celebrated and I am here to capture your beauty in all its glorious perfection! 

EIGHT Reasons Why....

1. Be pampered

YES we all love to be spoiled every now and then! With my amazing make-up and hair professionals, I have you covered. Your session will be all about YOU for a day!

2. Push yourself

Push yourself to the edge of your comfort zone and explore how SEXY you are. Feel gorgeous in your own skin, ummmm heck yes! 

3. Laugh

You're going to laugh, yes these sessions are insanely FUN. Rock out to some funky music and feel alive while I capture your fun, playful, and sensual side!

4. Feel like a rockstar

Who doesn't want to feel like a million dollars?! 

5. Be unique

Show a different side of yourself, a chance to bring out your intimate self! Every woman is unique and we are all PERFECTLY gorgeous in our own right, let's celebrate this!

6.  Be confident

We all need a little nudge from time to time, to LOVE ourselves in our own skin! We've got it and we are going to explore this confidence. I promise you when you see the back of the camera, you are going to be blown away by how gorgeous you are!

7. Shop for your sexy side

A chance to buy new lingerie - because we all LOVE to wear something sexy!

8. Celebrate YOU

Yes, you heard me... it is all about YOU for one glorious day, that you will have memories of for a lifetime! 

Questions or ready to find out more? Check out my incredible Boudoir Package.

Upcoming locations and openings in your area are posted below. You can also message me for a boudoir shoot in the privacy of your own home. 

Spoil yourself with an incredible Boudoir Session at this gorgeous Moorish Andalusia luxurious home. Stunning natural lighting, secluded outdoor compound, open air patio, & large balcony with "to-die-for views", in the  historic quarter of Vejer de la Frontera, just one hour from Rota. 

Vejer de la Frontera, Spain (one hour from Rota)

Dates:  Thursday, 5th December 

Boudoir Session Package Details 

Please message me to hold your space

(example images below, taken in this gorgeous location)

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