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I cherish each and every client I have had the pleasure of working with over the past decade. I pour my heart and soul into each and every session! Clients often become friends for life and always come back to book future mile-stones and sessions. Often clients join my photography adventure classes and learn to love photography just as much as I do! Please take a moment to read some kind words from past and present clients... thanks, Danielle

Danielle not only gave me and my family beautiful pictures, from my military pin-up shoot in which I've never felt more beautiful, adorable pictures of my sweet boys that I will cherish forever, loving couple shots with my handsome husband, to breathtaking family portraits that will always remind us of our time in Japan, but she provided me with something even more. Danielle taught me to love photography. Teaching me to use my camera was just the beginning. I've learned to look at the world through my lens and I now have a photography business of my own with very happy clients. I owe it all to Danielle and will be forever grateful to her for giving me the gift of photography. - Meredith Czepiel

Danielle is the absolute best! Her dedication and professionalism is amazing! I love how she has an eye for the unique and her skills shine so beautifully in every single photo she takes. Danielle can make anyone feel completely relaxed (and like a super model!). The photos she took of my little guy when he was only 10 days old look like they came out of an art museum - and she was able to get him completely naturally; she is exceptional with children. I have worked in the modelling industry for over 10 years and the photos she took are still the most magnificent I have ever seen. My only complaint is that I can't have her take every family photo since she's overseas now! - Kelsey Payumo

Within the 3 years that I lived over in Japan working with Danielle Caceres was one of the best parts about being stationed there. Danielle did our newborn shoot once our son was born, she did his 6 month "Look I'm Sitting" shoot, and she also did a boudoir shoot for me and the resulting pictures from all three shoots left me speechless. Besides her work being amazing she also was a pleasure to work with. She is one of the sweetest people I know and she is a genius when it comes to photography. I only wish you were in New Jersey Danielle! - Kelly Engels

Danielle Caceres Photography is pure magic-artistic portrait photography at its finest! We had the pleasure on several occasions to have our family memories captured by her lens and incredible eye for beauty and impeccable customer service. Beyond filling our walls with her work, she gave me the precious gift of encouragement, mentoring and training. In taking part in her workshops, photography adventures and having the privilege of many behind-the-scenes mentoring opportunities, I began a journey to begin my own photography business which I owe entirely to Danielle's training and encouragement. Thank you Danielle for sharing your talents with unmatched dedication and passion!!!! - Sarah Nannen

I could not ask for a better photographer than Danielle. She conducts her business with such great professionalism and offers a great price for quality products! Additionally, she makes you and your family feel as comfortable as possible during your session(s). Her patience with my young girls were much appreciated as well! I would recommend her to everybody I know! - Monica DeSantiago

Danielle Caceres is not only an amazing photographer she also has the ability to teach and pass on her passion of photography. Danielle's is a delight to work with. Not only is she talented but she truly has a passion for photography which shows in her amazing portraits! In addition, her creativity results in a unique perspective that pricelessly captures special moments in time. I treasure the photography adventures and fine tuning our skills under the watchful eye of Danielle as well as exploring Japan. I am thankful I had the chance to learn from such a skilled photographer that allowed me to start my own photography business. She is passionate about photography, and that will show in the amazing photos you will get or the hands on teaching she provides if you hire this fun loving photog. Any place is lucky to have such a knowledgable and talented photographer in their midst. I know either booking a class photography or booking a portrait session with Danielle you will not regret it! - Ashleigh Howell

I'm highly recommend Danielle Caceres Photography! I asked a few places before I met Danielle Caceres Photography and I never could get the photos that I wanted. My first experience with her was for my maternity session and she did an AMAZING job!!! I asked her for a family session and she also took my daughter's newborn pictures. Every time she took our pictures the photos turned out beautiful and more amazing than I was looking for!!! If you are looking for someone for a special session, she is the one you want to ask!!! - Masami Anderson Working with Danielle is an amazing experience. She is patient with children, friendly, creative, and takes gorgeous photographs that are fit to be in a magazine! I highly recommend her. - Carrie Briggs Brittain

I can't express in words how thankful my family and I are to have met such a talented and lovely lady while stationed in Japan. Danielle captured every Fall, Spring and sport season of my Family in various place in Japan; those memories we'll be able to cherish forever. Knowing we would be leaving soon and wouldn't be able to pack Danielle up in our luggage (lol), I was able to take one of her photography classes. I was able to learn so much and have taken everything I was taught to be able to do my friends and family’s portraits and also my kids head shots for their modelling. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for letting me/ us have this once in a lifetime opportunity of learning under a wonderful and amazing woman and friend... We truly miss you... - Jamie Mondragon-Davis

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