Specials - daniellecaceres

Sign up for a gorgeous boutique mini session with the stunning backdrop of the Eiffel Tower, Paris. Date and times are as follows, please email me to check available slots and click on the session fee link to confirm your session. 

Once signed up I will send out a useful guide to help the session go perfectly smoothy. Direct trains from Liege to Paris take around 2 hours on the Thalys. I recommend Airbnb if you will be staying the evening/weekend in Paris. 

Friday, 30th August, 2019 

18.00 - available 

18.40 - available 

19.20 - available 

Saturday, 31th August, 2019 

8.00 - Shanna Norton

8.40 - Missy Hice (Shanna's friend)

18.00 - available 

18.40 - available 

19.20 - Sherry Schnick  

Sunday, 1st September, 2019

8.00 - Welsh Ohana

8.40 - Candice Trigg

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